12 August 2013

The Geopolitics of Lobbying. New stages of strategy and action

The decision-making centers change. They are evolving, due to the current circumstances and socio-economic changes. The current context is entailing a radical change and businesses are being affected. The efforts to understand the origin of decisions and who their creators are, force us to be vigilant.

Lobbying Geopolitics” covers this issue and, when possible, how to anticipate it. The article is the response to the following question: What are the keys of the lobbying strategy and actions in this new environment?

-Turn to the Legislative powers

-Liquid Parliaments, ideologically heterogeneous

Boom of citizen-lobbying

-Crowd-lobbying –An office in Brussels to be closer to… Germany

-Boom of the economic-lobbying Focus on the non-issue

Carmen Muñoz, Manager of Public Affairs of LLORENTE & CUENCA


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