03 September 2013

Brazil´s Infrastructure Dilemma

In the last three decades, Brazil has transformed its previous image of being an underdeveloped economy. In fact, the major global groups are seeking to invest in this country, blessed with an emerging economy, a stable democratic regime and great potential for domestic consumption.

But despite having a large amount of resources to invest in infrastructure projects, Brazil fails to operationalize these undertakings, meet the deadlines and objectives and, thus, successfully implement its projects.

The aforementioned reasons, as well as the slow decision-making process, have entailed an international reputation crisis on its ability to implement and guarantee new investments.
The management of the country’s image in recent years has been quite effective, but now the challenge is to transform projects into works to really promote a sustainable economic development for Brazil

If you wish to receive more information about these issues, please read the article “Brazil’s Infrastructure Dilemma”.

Anatrícia Borges, Account Manager of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Brazil


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