25 March 2014

2014, Brazil between the Cup and the Elections

2014 could set a turning point for the global reputation of Brazil and consolidate its status as an “emerged” economy instead of an “emerging” one.

Seven years have passed since the FIFA decided that Brazil would organize the 2014 World Cup. Now the time has come to show that Brazil has become a “first-world country”, essential to hold this type of events, and translate this new status into actions. This also coincides with an electoral process that will test the strength of the Labor Party, led by Dilma Rousseff, not only to remain in office, but also to meet the expectations –not always fulfilled– of 200 million Brazilians.

This report, drafted by the senior team of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Brazil analyses the context of the challenges that the country will need to face during this defining year. A year in which the whole world will look to Brazil.

Juan Carlos Gozzer, Executive Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Brazil


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