29 April 2015

Latin America: structural reforms in the face of a business change of cycle

The global economic environment is changing, currently immersed in a new cycle, which also affects Latin America.

In order to adapt to this new context, it is necessary for the region to implement long-term, structural reforms of global scope which translate into more strength and power to face this new environment.

Stronger political, economic and social structures, supported by innovation and diversification would help the region, to a certain extent, overcome the obstacle that it is currently facing. This does not merely apply to Latin America, but to the whole world.

This regional report defines and analyses the current context that Latin America is facing, based on this new cycle and the heterogeneity of the region. This document also stresses the need to implement structural reforms from the inside and covers the prospects of the Latin American region.

Jorge Cachinero, Corporate Director of Reputation and Innovation of LLORENTE & CUENCA


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