15 October 2015

Digital transformation: the art of being a startup

The rapid growth of digital technology has brought us a new scenario, and companies are aware that they must evolve with it. Organizations with a solid experience in the market are forced to reinvent themselves in order to adapt their offer to market needs and thus be able to compete with companies that are born to occupy new market niches.

The following article, written by the Cink team with the collaboration of José Luis Tirador Ortiz, Director of Marketing at Allianz Global Assistence, discusses how organizations can adapt their businesses to the new digital economy, presenting the digital transformation as a key factor to build and develop a successful business strategy.

It is an approach on how companies can digitally transform themselves , using methodologies that bring the customer at the center of the strategy such as “design thinking”, “co-creation”, “agile management” and “human centered design”, including the example of an organization that incorporates the digital transformation in its strategy  using co-creation methodologies to develop new products and services.

Silvia García Méndez, Senior Consultant at Cink


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