18 November 2015

CEOs’ Digital Identity: Dominican Republic

One of the most widespread traditions in the business world of Dominican Republic has been to share the old adage of “low profile”. However, pretending to have it these days is impossible and leads us to the ostrich technique: “If I do not participate in the conversation on the Internet, no one will talk about me,” seem to think some managers, not realizing that times have changed.

Neither should we go to the other end and decide that a manager must participate in the digital conversation with the argument that “everyone does it”, because with this strategy we will be condemned to certain crisis. The fundamental question managers have to face with this challenge of communication on the Internet is: What attributes should I represent and how will they contribute to achieving results for the company that I run? Will my presence generate confidence among the public at which my organization is headed? How should I interact with them and what should be the volume of the conversation?

The following study I have elaborated together with Rafael Angulo, Account Manager at LLORENTE & CUENCA Dominican Republic and  Marcelle Pagan, Consultant at LLORENTE & CUENCA Dominican Republic ,measures the presence, positioning and participation in digital spaces of the top executives of companies in Dominican Republic. It also establishes a starting point for measuring the evolution of digital media management in the future.

Iban Campo, General Director at  LLORENTE & CUENCA Dominican Republic


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