03 December 2015

Deconstructing the territory of a global bank brand: storytelling, protagonists and shared value

Which are the elements of modern sponshorship? Over the last decades, the efforts to participate were limited, in most cases, to funding events, sponsoring the main actors or buying contents to subsequently disseminate them. These formulas, traditional during the pre-Internet era, have always encountered many difficulties in highlighting their contribution to the generation of value.

It is thus necessary to create new ways of contributing in the territories by generating new opportunities that connect the leaders with the main actors, the people. Nowadays, we –citizens– do not only want to feel as followers in the territories we enjoy, we want to be the main protagonists because our stories interact, our anecdotes are important and our messages are more credible than those of companies and institutions.

This article analyzes how the BBVA saw the potential of the gastronomy territory and joining the Celler de Can Roca. Together they designed a tour called “The Cooking Experience Tour” that has held two editions with excellent results (wacth the video).

Adolfo Corujo, Partner and Spain and Portugal Managing Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA.

Goyo Panadero, Partner and Senior Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain.


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