13 May 2016

30 days after the catastrophe in Ecuador

Developing Ideas presents the scenario of Ecuador 30 days after the earthquake of the past April 16, when the country continues to process its worst tragedy of the past 70 years.

The paper reports an overview of the events, red balances state 660 dead, 14 missing and about seven thousand buildings destroyed. From that, Ecuador is in a slow stage of the “normalization of activities.”

Gradually, everything is being left in the hands of the government that sent a draft law to Parliament which arises for a year the VAT (except for fuels) and wages and utilities of employees are taxed for all purchases and wages and earnings of employees are taxed, equity worth over one million dollars is imposed with contributions and the sale of some state enterprises is projected.

Edgar Vasquez, Counsellor at LLORENTE & CUENCA Ecuador


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