25 May 2016

UNO#24: Digital Transformation

To understand the digital transformation it takes much more than just taking into account technological changes, new processes of systematization, ecommerce or social networks. Indeed, we can say that it rather involves a social and cultural revolution within organizations. This transformation calls for a strategic reflection that implies a change in the agenda of organizations and presents a future full of challenges and opportunities.

Consumers´ habits have changed and new business models, in which communication becomes bidirectional, have emerged. Given these new challenges, businesses must seize opportunities posed by this revolution of information and innovation, without forgetting the brand.

This issue of UNO magazine  brings a different point of view which, we are confident, will lead to discussions, to new ways of thinking and above all to imagining different contexts with the digital transformation as center of dialogue and development.

We invite you to read this issue of UNO in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Adolfo Corujo, Partner and Chief Talent and Innovation Officer at LLORENTE & CUENCA

Sergio Cortés, Partner of LLORENTE & CUENCA and founder and chairman of Cink

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