18 January 2017

Winds of change in the Latin American electoral arena for 2017

The new regional policy of Latin America is heterogeneous and dynamic. However, there are certain similarities between countries. These parallelisms can be summed up in the electoral victories of candidates of center-right forces; the progressive weakening of leaders, parties and movements of the old socialism; the emergence of anti-establishment candidates; the adjusted and narrow electoral triumphs with a second round celebration; and the existence of “divided governments” by conflicts between a legislative and an executive with different political colors.

This report explains the changes that will take place in the Latin American region after the 2017 elections. Thus, how 2018 will be a decisive year with the presidential renewal of the two main economies of the region, Mexico and Brazil.

José Antonio Llorente, founding parter and chairman of LLORENTE & CUENCA


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