21 September 2018

The Glassdoor Revolution: transparency as the key for attracting talent

The advent of globalization and digitalization changed how we deal with issues and how distinctions are made between what is necessary and what is contingent on decisionmakers’ opinions.

Today, talented professionals are not readily willing to accept the fact that companies reflect a multifaceted image with internal inconsistencies (in the best cases), or (in the worst) differences that are deliberately contradictory and irreconcilable.

One of the clearest examples of what skilled professionals’ need to know about the place they are going to work at is seen in the title of this text and its reference to a glass-door revolution. Historically, companies have protected themselves in relation to aspects such as their culture, values, ways of doing things, innovation processes, etc. Today, however, the most prestigious organizations—and those most often targeted for employment by top professionals—use openness and transparency as one of the their most powerful marketing tools. Google does not only sell “what it does.” The aspirational aura of everything around it has more to do with “why does it do it?” “how does it do it?” and “who does it?” College students who consistently target this company for their career seem not to care if they end up working on Gmail or Maps. What truly fascinates them is the realization they could be part of a brilliant, non-conformist community working to shape the world’s future.

People are always talking about Google, but what does it take for other types of companies to walk the path that goes from “transparency as a necessary evil” to “transparency as one of the most valuable resources in our corporate DNA for attracting and retaining talent?”

Luis González
Director of the Re-structuring and Organizations and Persons Areas of LLORENTE & CUENCA
With 20 years of professional experience, Gonzalez is an expert in crisis communications, restructurings, insolvencies and media relations, with a specialization in infrastructure, real estate, food, health and industrial sectors. Previously, he was a director for LLORENTE & CUENCA’s operations in Chile (2014-2016) and Portugal (2012). Before joining the company, he was an editor of Diario Médico, editor-in-chief of local TV channels Teletoledo and TV Guadalajara and press officer and director of expansion for the advertising agency Tactics Europe. He is a journalist with a degree in information science from the Complutense University of Madrid and is a visiting professor on various strategic communications master’s degree courses.
Jon Pérez Urbelz
Senior Consultant of the Organizations and Persons Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA
Perez earned a journalism degree from the University of Navarra and holds a master’s degree in political and institutional communications from the University of Navarra and George Washington University. He has more than 10 years of communications experience, mainly in the legal sector, during which he worked on corporate, online, internal and crisis communications. He is also specialized in employer branding and employee engagement projects.

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