1. Selecting the critical innovative development areas for the business: anticipating new opportunities, identifying customer concerns and needs, and using appropriate technological channels.
  2. Adopting a proactive and collaborative approach with individuals and organizations that share similar concerns with LLORENTE & CUENCA in the area of innovation as well as the creation and distribution of knowledge in the corresponding fields.
  3. Using information technology and social networks as the foundation on which to organize the interconnected innovative drive at LLORENTE & CUENCA.
  4. Establishing and connecting communities of individuals and organizations that share common objectives in the area of innovation and knowledge.
  5. Transforming this creation and connection of collective intelligence communities so they are able to generate, develop, implement, and evolve ideas as a whole.
  6. Building a sense of belonging within the communities, because sharing values and feelings speeds up the interactions that promote collaboration, innovation, and intelligence.
  7. Community relationships must be based on liberty, independence, trust, and the empowerment of everyone involved. In other words, establishing a distributed and shared leadership system where all the groups can interact, influence, and give their opinion, without expecting acceptance or subordination.
  8. Network members must be transformers (in other words, they must be focused on ensuring that shared intelligence is aimed at innovation) and have great people skills (in other words, they must be able to establish empathy between training members with extremely varied experiences).
  9. The use of new technologies is a key aspect in community relations. Selecting the right technology with the necessary usability and features is essential for the correct operation of communities because technology is their backbone.
  10. The network’s success will depend on listening rather than talking. We must know what is being said by society, the market, customers, and our teams in order to participate in the conversations and debates that take place in the community we form part of and in order to understand what is truly important to them. This is the only way to create content that adds value to their ideas.
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